Friday, February 29, 2008


When I am using multiple shuttles, I usually lay them in order at my side on my weaving bench.


But today, picking them up at my right with my right hand started to bother my right shoulder. I was reaching back and so my shoulder was pulling back and then, when picking up the shuttle, I was putting weight on that pulled-back shoulder. This is the shoulder/arm that is healing from the damaging effects of years of carrying a (very heavy) purse on my right shoulder, and from a mild case of tendinitis from overuse of the mouse. The whole system on my right side is now almost healed. I certainly don't want jeopardize the final healing.


What could I do? I don't have room to arrange three shuttles on the woven web. But I do have room to arrange two.


I decided to put the third shuttle on the front beam alongside the web. The problem with that is the possibility (inevitability?) of knocking the resting shuttle off as I threw the other shuttles. But the solution worked. I never knocked the shuttle off once. I was, however, very careful. Perhaps this is not the ideal solution if one is weaving lickety-split.

The light-colored shuttle directly in front is a Schacht end-feed shuttle. The other two, dark brown, shuttles are Bluster Bay end feed shuttles. The Schacht is smaller and lighter. The Schacht would probably be easier on my shoulder right now. But it does not hold nearly as much yarn as the Bluster Bay. But I could probably arrange the placement of the fell so that I could get three of of the Schacht shuttles on the web. But I really like the Bluster Bay shuttles.


I did devise another solution a while back. I got two small boards and covered them with rug padding for the shuttles to stick to. And I attached them to the front beam on either side of me with C-clamps.

I could have gotten these out and clamped them on. But I had so little left to weave, and I'm not using four shuttles, and I am lazy........

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