Friday, February 1, 2008

Listening to the Warp

I have at least three sets of "finalized plans" for the next crackle silk scarf. I really thought I had it all worked out. I really really did. But yesterday as I was weaving happily along on the current sampling, it finally hit me over the head that what is making the weaving work is the bits peeking out from red warp.

The day before I had written out some next baby steps for the next warp. The warp was, and always has been, intended to be made up of neutral colors. And I planned on dipdyeing them with some blues. . Those were the big steps. I had broken those down into smaller, more manageable steps.

I was definitely not listening to the red warp. I was so caught up in the neutral warp, that the red warp simply could not get through to me. There was no red in the original image that I was using. And most of the image consisted of neutrals. Of, course, then the warp must be neutral.

The red warp was screaming at me but I could not hear.

What made me listen? I'm not sure. Something must have made me face the fact that I simply have not been totally happy with my plans and that this discontent was far more important to listen to than insisting on following the image.

I think my understanding that weaving and painting are different started leaking into my consciousness. I think my imagination may have begun to work. I think I may have started imagining neutral warps with what I was doing. I think I may have started to see in my mind's eye how dull that would be.

The image had done its job. It was time for my weaving imagination to start taking over.

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