Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Here is a continuation of Summer and Winter "tromp as writ" treadling experiments with different colors of threads.


The colors are not particularly accurate. In particular, the aqua does not read as aqua and the blue reads as purple. Clicking on the image does give you a bit more accurate version.

And the red cast is not nearly so obvious in the fabric. It is extraordinarily obvious in the image you click on as well as the image as it appears on the page. Not so in real life.

I am particularly sorry about the failure of the aqua to show correctly. It is what happened with the aqua in these treadlings that has made me decide to add a definite blue green weft to use in the next silk crackle.


What you see here are three different sets of colors. Each experiment is treadled for two blocks.

The first two blocks, at the bottom, use darkish blue and a darkish green in 10/2 pearl cotton for the pattern wefts; yellow and bright blue in 20/2 pearl cotton for the binder wefts. It is interesting to note how assertive the colors of the binder wefts are, how much they affect that whole color design.

In the middle two blocks I used the same darkish blue and green for the pattern wefts. But for the binder wefts, in 20/2 pearl cotton, I used aqua and bright but darkish blue. In these two blocks, the color effect is much more uniform.

The top two blocks use darkish green and gold 10/2 pearl cotton for the pattern wefts. The binder wefts are the aqua and bright but darkish blue of the middle two blocks.

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Leigh said...

Lovely! I like the way you are experimenting. The results are very interesting. And even though I'm enjoying the quickness of a one shuttle weave at present, it just isn't as interesting as getting those two colors in there. When I was doing my summer & winter, that fascinated me for hours. (So I'm slowing weaving my way back in that direction :)