Wednesday, February 20, 2008


This is a photo of the setup I use to wind skeins onto cones. I am in the same corner of the same room as when I was winding skeins. I do sit down, by the way, to do this, as well as to wind skeins. I have removed the chair to make the setup a little clearer.


On the left is the skein holder for the yarn. This is a Goko adjustable skein holder made by Schacht. It resembles a skein holder I once saw in use at Habu Textiles. It was a little smaller, made of wood, sat on the floor and looked extraordinarily fragile. I had thought about calling Habu to see if I could buy one, but then I saw the Goku.


The Goko is a wonderful tool for unwinding fine yarns because it holds the yarn perpendicular to the floor, unlike a swift. A swift can be mounted so the skein is in the same position but this is awkward and the swift still has an angle to it. Also the Goko turns easily and smoothly. All I need to do is keep my (gloved!) hand on the yarn as it comes off the Goko.

I had used my LeClerc skein winder for this. It does not turn so easily. In fact, often I would have to use my left hand to turn it at the same time that I used my right hand to turn the cone winder. The Goko is really nice.


Unlike the skein winder, which sat on the top shelf, I have put the cone winder on the middle shelf. This is easier on my arm; I don't have to reach up to wind. It also allows the yarn to enter the cone winder mechanism at a better angle. That means it is less likely to burp, causing the winding yarn to drop to the bottom of the cone.

Here is a closeup of the cone winder.

It is an inexpensive little thing, though not so inexpensive when you consider all the cones I have bought for it! I prefer it to a ballwinder as the cones flow much more smoothly up the cone holder when I make warps. And the cones also flow much more smoothly onto the pirns when I am winding those.


Here is a closer view of the yarn going from the Goko to the cone winder.

The looped length of yarn is where I keep my left hand. However, for the purpose of the photo, I have moved the Goko quite close to the cone winder so that I could get both in the picture and still be able to see that yarn length. In this picture you can clearly see the handle that I turn.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, what a fantastic setup. I love the skein holder and the thought of smooth, easy running in a vertical plane - aaahhhhhh....