Monday, February 25, 2008


The cone on the left is one of the cones from my first red dye lot.

The cone on the right is from the second red dye lot. I think they are just pleasingly enough different to use for the warp. And this despite my tremendous goof in dyeing the first dye lot.

But doesn't the cone on the left look just a little strange? The bottom quarter of the cone is built up only a little bit. Most of the yarn went onto the top three-quarters of the cone. Huh?

This strange event happened with all three cones of that dye lot.


When I started winding the second dye lot I started paying a little bit closer attention to what was happening. And then I saw the problem. I had been angling the yarn up from the Goko down to the cone winder. As soon as I straightened out the angle, all went well.

You might also notice that loose circle of yarn at the bottom of the cone on the left side. That bit of yarn didn't quite get caught where it was to go. As soon as I saw what had happened I wound back a little bit to see if I could straighten it up. But it happened too far back to make it worth while. I am hoping it will not turn into too much of an annoyance when I wind the warp on the warping board.

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Leigh said...

That winding job on the left looks like how my sewing machine bobbins turn out LOL. I think that the two reds will be perfect together in a warp. Much more interesting than the one color red I've just finished using.