Thursday, February 21, 2008


The third skein I wound onto the cone, well, it was not perfect............ I put the skein on the Goko. I arranged the groups so that they were in the right order. And there it was--a loose end.

My first thought was that the tie I had used to join the two ends of the skein had broken and so left the ends floating free. But when I followed that loose end partly around the skein, this turned out not to be the case.

Apparently the yarn got cut somehow. When I skeined it for dyeing, there was no problem. How could it have gotten cut? Perhaps this is one of those mysteries that will never be solved.


More to the point: what to do? There didn't seem much I could do except bravely to sally forth and wind the cone.

Quite frankly, I was anticipating something of a mess with lots and lots of knots having to be made. In actuality the winding actually went quite well. I simply had to stop three or four times when the yarn ended prematurely. Then I had to find the end on the skein to tie it to.

One time I actually had to cut the yarn myself as it had somehow gotten caught in the skein to the point that I could not release it. So I ended up with three or four knots. This is not really horrible. I have purchased cones of yarns with knots. No cone or skein of yarn is immune to the problem.


This skein with the knots is one of the skeins I am using for the warp. Knots are not generally a problem, only a nuisance. When I get to a knot, all I have to do is unwind back to the start, cut and tie so that the knot is at one of the warp ends and continue winding the warp.

However, I am going to be winding four ends at once. It is not so easy to stop and start with four ends in order to fix one end. An easy solution I have used in the past is to let it be and when I get to it in the weaving, just treat it as I would a broken end.

This time I think I shall try to figure out an easier way to fix it when I am winding the bouts.

Meanwhile, I have marked this cone as containing knots and to use last. Who knows, maybe I won't even need it for the warp!

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