Friday, February 1, 2008

"Tromp as Writ"

"Tromp as Writ" as a term that means you treadle the threading. In the specific case of crackle, this means that you treadle each block in the threading in the order of the threading. In the case of my threading, the blocks go in order from 1 to 8. So that is how I treadled this:

Because there are eight blocks across a threading repeat, there are eight blocks woven, bottom to top. Yes, at the very top there is part of a ninth block. This is really only block one when I started the sequence over again.

For my pattern wefts I used darkish blue and a darkish green in 10/2 cotton. For the binder thread I used 20/2 yellow. It really does look this golden on the loom. It is what the red warp does to the yellow.

Overall, I like this, though it is not quite what I want in the next warp. But I'm definitely moving in the right direction, especially given the fact that I am restricting myself to using only the colors of pearl cotton I have in my stash.

The warp rod on the back beam is getting close to coming up off the beam. That means I have limited playing left to do. That is a bit sad as there are so many more things I want to try. But that is fine. Limitations are good.

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Leigh said...

Well, I know what you mean about running out of warp before running out of ideas. This sample is dark, but it is really, really appealing. Interesting about the red warp too. I love it when something reveals itself suddenly like that.