Friday, February 8, 2008


I was listening last week to to an older episode of Weave Cast: the episode in which Syne Mitchel interviews teachers of weaving. Though it was given in May of 2007, it is still every bit as relevant today. Go here to download the episode. Or, if you prefer, you can simply listen to it on the computer.

One of the things Syne noted was Laura Fry's new study group. Curious about it, after I was done listening I checked Laura's site to see if it was still there. Yes it is still there.


Here is the link to Laura's main page. On the left side of her home page, click on education. One of the areas doing that will raise is called Study Group. Clicking on that will raise information on what she calls the Weaving Mentor Study Group.

Laura's Weaving Mentor Study Group looks like a marvelous opportunity for anyone wanting feedback on her weaving from a very skilled and experienced professional weaver. I have not participated in this group myself, but I have great respect for Laura and everything she does.


Participating in this group means you will be on a private e-list where you can share with others what you are doing and the problems you are having as you weave the fabric you will send to Laura for her evaluation. Each participant will receive a sample of the work of all the participants. Instead of weaving individual samples, however, participants weave an entire piece of fabric. Laura, after evaluating their work, will cut the fabric up into pieces to send to the other participants.

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Leigh said...

Actually that sounds like a very good idea. Especially for us folk who don't have someone close by to provide feedback and answer questions. This is something I will have to think about doing.