Thursday, February 28, 2008


This is the last of my "Tromp as Writ" Summer and Winter treadlings using 10/2 pearl cotton for pattern weft.

The blue at the bottom of the photo is from the last post on this subject. The color rendition, unlike that in the previous post, is not too bad here. What is probably fairly invisible are the mistakes in the third treadled block. But, if you click on the picture, a more detailed picture should show up which will make it easier to find the error.

One of the binder threads I used was 20/2 cotton aqua. I alternated that with a gold binder. One time I forgot what I was doing and found myself throwing three aqua binders instead of alternating the gold and aqua. Since this is only a sample, I let it go and continued weaving the correct sequences. After a bit, I looked back and rather liked this mistake.

So I decided to repeat it. You can find the mistake in two more treadled blocks. Conclusion? for right now I am calling them "mistakes" with quotation marks around the word. I have decided that this particular "mistake" has definite merit as a design possibility.

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