Tuesday, February 12, 2008



I have made the dyeing decisions for the warp. Two reds. Both relatively dark/dulled but not devoid of brightness. I have worked out the formulas. I have made the solutions. Let the dyeing begin.


Also, in light of what has been happening with the sample crackle on the loom, I have modified some of the formulas for the blue wefts.


I am, however, now slowed down by wrist/forearm tendinitis, thanks to overzealous mousing. And I am slowed down by a pulled biceps muscle partly due to too many years of carrying a heavy purse on that shoulder, partly by some overzealous stretching for the tendenitis.

I was recovering nicely.

By the end of yesterday, however, I learned that all the pouring I had to do in preparation for the dyeing badly affected my biceps. Carrying too-heavy trays into the garage to do some mixing of dye powders did not help.

Nor can I weave because picking up the shuttle at the shuttle race affects precisely the forearm tendon that the mouse has so nicely hurt.

Dyeing will progress...........slowly...........patiently............carefully.............


Leigh said...

Peg, I'm so sorry to hear that your body won't cooperate with your desired activities! I have some problems now with my wrist too, which is sad because I love computing.

I am interested in your red warp. I've been thinking about my red warp and have been coming to a decision as to whether I like it of not. However, I think that two reds are better than one.

Dorothy said...

Sorry to hear about the tendinitis. I know a few people who have solved that problem by resting their hand on a book or block of wood.

I suffer much less after changing to a special little mouse, it is a Targus Mini Mouse. I find this fairly comfortable if I use it resting on a book on my knee. I also put the keyboard on my knees if I am doing much typing, and I have to do stretches where I put the palm of my hand flat against a wall at shoulder height.