Thursday, January 31, 2008

Crackle Treadled as Summer and Winter Continued

Here is some more of the crackle threading treadled as Summer and Winter:

Both halves are treadled identically. Both halves use the same colors. And both halves use 10/2 pearl cotton for the pattern weft and 20/2 pearl cotton for the binder weft. What is different between the two is how I handled the colors of the pattern weft.

In the bottom half (really a tiny bit more than half) I used a greened blue as one pattern weft and red as the second pattern weft. Then I also used red for the binder thread. I didn't care for all that red. I think what I didn't care for was the dullness of the greened blue. It might have worked had I used a very bright greened blue which could have carried its own against the heaviness of all that red.

In the top half I continued to use red for the binder weft but this time I used the greened blue for both pattern wefts. I'm still not crazy about the effect, but the relationship between the two colors seems more balanced. Too balanced.

Balancing is not necessarily what it is about. Something has to dominate. There is no color dominating in the top half and so, quite frankly, it is boring.

What might have been effective is the very bright greened blue I suggested for the lower fabric. There would have been still a predominant amount of red, but the blue would have been a nice spark.

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