Monday, January 7, 2008

Progress on Sample Warp

I have made some progress with the blue and brown wefts on the sample warp.

These are definitely not my favorite colors. Nevertheless weaving with them is producing some interesting results.

One of the new things I have tried here is having some of the blocks shorter. In the three groups near the bottom, the blues predominate. But in between are two shorter groups of blocks where the browns dominate.

Above that, there are three groups of blocks where the browns dominate. In between are two shorter groups where the blues dominate.

More information to put into my think tank!

Unfortunately, I pulled a muscle on the side of my lower back. It is healing more rapidly than I have any right to expect. But my focus for the next few days will be on heat, stretching, walking, and resting. Not on sitting at the loom. Fortunately I have many weaving activities I need to get done which have nothing at all to do with sitting at the loom.

And here is a gratuitous photo of my cat Button at the loom.

She is an American Shorthair and the most doglike cat we have ever had. We love her dearly. And in the years we have had her, she has never created a serious problem with my fiber pursuits.

The taped mirror on the left is one of the mirrors I use to check my sheds as I weave. One side of the mirror broke in the course of our move from Georgia. Hence the brown tape across it. Fortunately the broken side was the magnifying side.

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