Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Some Bloggers Who Help Make My Day

I got tagged by Bonnie with the You Made My Day Award. Wow!

There are definitely ten bloggers who make my day, and since Bonnie is one of them, she is first on my list. The rest are in no particular order.

Weaving Spirit Bonnie's site which I try to check out daily, since she posts almost daily about her latest adventures in weaving and workshops.

Travelling Tiger This is a new-to-me blog that I have only just begun to read. It is written by Tien. Tien has always had fascinating things to say on the various fiber lists I have seen her on and it looks like her blog is going to be equally fascinating.

T'Katch Cally is now in fast pursuit of clasped weft honeycomb. This has been a fascinating trip to follow!

Sandra's Loom Blog Sandra weaves fantastically complex silk and beautiful scarves, often with hand dyed yarns. I find it a privilege to follow her weaving journey.

Curious Weaver Karen's curiosity about weaving matters makes for fascinating reading

Woven Thoughts Sara Lamb is a multi-talented fiber artist who wrote a piece about why weavers ought to blog.

Dot's Fibre to Fabric Dorothy is a new weaver who is amazingly quickly becoming an experienced weavers. She is keeping a wonderful record of her journey.

Lelgh's Fiber Journal Leigh's blog, besides being a well written account of her fiber joys and trials, is always an inspiration to try to raise my own blogging skills.

Unravelling The subtitle of Meg's blog says it all: "Thoughts on weaving and other threads unravelling in my head."

Linda's Fiber Weblog Linda doesn't post nearly often enough, but when she does, it is always worth the wait.


Kaz said...

Peg, thanks for including my blog on this very impressive list. I visit all of these regularly too and appreciate all of their posts..including yours. thank you.

Leigh said...

Yay! Thank you! (The only reason you got off the hook on my list is because I put you on my "Nice Matters" blog list :) I'm delighted that you named all these blogs! Quite a few of them were ones I wanted to name myself, but got to "10" before I ran out of blogs!

Dorothy said...

Thanks for the encouragement! Especially appreciated as I have reached a pause in my weaving while I think through a few things. I guess I should write about it.

The fun thing about these awards is finding new people through the recommendations, and now I'm going to follow a few of the links you've given.