Monday, January 21, 2008

Polychrome Crackle with Blue Weft

I have come up with another polychrome I really like, really really like. It is

woven much like an earlier part of this warp, with very short blocks alternating with taller blocks. In that sample, I was using blues and browns. In this sample I have used only blues. The fact that the right side appears darker is not real, but only a result of the lighting.

I like this so much thatI would like to weave as much of it as I did the red polychrome and make something out of it. Alas, I do not have enough warp left to do that and also do some other treadling samples that I absolutely must try. These next treadling samplings are important because I have never treadled any crackle this way before, it is one of the traditional ways to treadle crackle, and doing this treadling possibly could cause me to change my mind about the treadling for the next silk crackle scarf.

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Leigh said...

Interesting experiments, Peg. I agree, that polychrome sample simply begs to be woven and become something!