Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Joy of Multiple Shuttles

Oh yes! With this crazy 8-blocks on 4-shafts crackle threading I can do amazing things with closely related colors.

Here is the last of this particular sampling, the sampling I hope to turn into a bag when I cut the warp off the loom. I have not exhausted the possibilities. For now, however, I have learned enough and I like what I have woven. Pay no attention to the two treadling errors.........

It is so much fun to weave this way because I never really know what the exact effect is going to be until I actually start treadling and throwing shuttles. This is the kind of weaving where I can wing it as I weave, at least if I am weaving something like a scarf where I do not have to worry about matching things. I can make decisions on the fly. And that is how I love to weave.

I am so glad that I decided to weave this part of the sampling as fabric. This decision has caused me to explore possibilities I would not really have thought possible. These explorations have so excited me! I can hardly wait to get working on the next warp. But first there are other things I must try on this warp. The holidays however, are also at hand.

I am so obliged to Zielinski's work on crackle weave for opening my eyes to these new possibilities. To see a list of all of the books in the Master Weaver series, go here and scroll down to the M's. I believe they are also available at Halcyon Yarns, and probably other places as well.

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