Wednesday, December 12, 2007

8 Crackle Blocks on 4 Shafts, More Polychrome Treadling

Here is more of the polychrome treadling I started yesterday:

The red at the bottom is the treadling from yesterday using three reds. I then continued the same treadling, but using blues and purples as well in various ways and proportions. On occasion I interpolated a short band incorporating yellow for a spark of interest.

Also I incorporated some yellow warp. This is visible on the left side of the photo. What I did here was to take two lengths of gold/yellow 10/2 pearl cotton and threaded each of them through neighboring heddles. These are heddles which already had warp ends threaded through them, so I was added ends to them. I then sleyed them, tied them to the cloth and weighted them at the back of the loom. The pin at the top with the gold/yellow thread coming from it is the beginning of another length of yellow warp ends.

I like what is going on here and think it has possibilities for my next silk warp. Also, I like this part well enough that I am going to weave it so that I have enough length to make some kind of small bag with it. Thanks to Leigh for this idea.

What I do not like about this is the blues and violets with the orangish red. Used with the reds, that is fine, but not with the blues. Either that or I would have to make a more subtle transition.

By the way, the colors in yesterday's post are much more accurate than the colors in today's post.

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Leigh said...

From what I see on my moniter, I really like red, blue, and violet combination. Of course, that's not real life! I love the bag idea. I reckon too, you've seen Sara's bags by now.