Friday, December 14, 2007

8 Crackle Blocks on 4 Shafts, More Polychrome Treadling

This is continued weaving with various reds and violets:

I have tried something new here. I am now using 4 colors across the treadling of pedals 1-6. To be more precise, I am keeping the same basic ordering. This is color a for treadles 1 and 4, color b for treadles 2 and 5, and color c for treadles 3 and 6. But now for one of the colors I use two different colors. For example, on treadles 1 and 4, instead of using the same red, I might use two different reds. Or I might use a violet on the first and a red on the second. And then, when I have woven enough shots, I change the order.

The result, to my eye, is a greater depth and complexity. And to that end I don't like any more what I have been doing with the yellow. I think a different color would be better for the spark than the yellow.

Treadling this way requires more concentration and takes a bit longer, but it is worth it. And there is no reason for not adding two more colors across the treadles. Oh yes, preservation of sanity might be a reason...................

By the way, the color reproduction is now quite accurate. I have finally figured out what settings to play with in my PaintShopPro software to get this.

I thought it might be interesting to see what happens to the selvedges with this kind of treadling:


Dorothy said...

I adore these rich colours that you're working with. Yes, I see depth there and complexity.

I also see the understanding you have been developing through concentrating on the one structure. I'm enjoying your explorations.

Leigh said...

I love this. The colors are fantastic and oh what eye candy.