Tuesday, December 11, 2007

8 Crackle Blocks on 4 Shafts, Continued

Here is the next set of samples, all treadled with 10/2 pearl cotton as weft:

These are treadled, for want of a better word, polychrome style. That is, I used three colors of weft (or, in the case of the red, three shades of red), and treadled them sequentially. In the case of the sample at the bottom, I treadled the first group (at the very bottom) as follows:

treadle 1-blue;
treadle 2-gold;
treadle 3-purple;
treadle 4-blue;
treadle 5-gold;
treadle 6-purple.

I then repeated these six treadles with the same colors until that group of blocks was as tall as I wanted. Then I changed the order of the colors for the second group of blocks. And I changed the order once again for the third group of blocks.

One thing is very clear with this treadling and this use of color. The "blocks within blocks" phenomenon that I mentioned when talking about the first set of samples is much more obvious. I can count 25 blocks across the width of the weaving shown in the above photo.

The red sampling is treadled the same way, except with three shades of red: a dull red, an orange red and a cherry red. The photo does not reveal the "blocks within blocks" phenomenon so clearly here. Looking at the actual fabric, however, one can clearly see them.

Now I feel like I am getting somewhere with my sampling. I very much like what is happening in the red sample. And I also like the roughish texture, not visible in the photo, which has developed. I do not know if that texture effect will stay through the washing and pressing of the fabric.

I must confess that one of the things that I like is that no binders are needed and the treadling is very easy.

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