Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Weaving and Blogging

Blogging does take time away from weaving. Blogging does not take time away from weaving. Huh????

It is obvious that sitting at the computer means that I am not sitting at my loom. But weaving is a craft that comprises a lot more than just sitting at the loom and throwing the shuttle. And one of the main things that is involved in weaving is thinking.

My last post, Who Spotted the Threading Errors, illustrates a bit of one of my recent thinking activities. What I want to point out here, however, is that I am not sure I would have done all this thinking had I not also been blogging. Blogging forces me to write stuff down. Writing stuff down means I have to think. Thinking, for me, is facilitated by writing things down.

There is an irony here. The whole threading error that I was talking about earlier occurred because I did not write the ending and beginning threading out so that I could see the threads in black and white on paper (well, really on the computer screen......).

So, I am grateful to Leigh, who encouraged me to blog. And I am grateful to Sara, who posted a long and cogent argument for weavers to blog.

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