Friday, December 21, 2007

Authoritative Statements

Yesterday I was looking at my written plans for the next silk crackle scarf. The plans go on for four pages. I haven't looked at them for quite awhile, so it was kind of interesting to read what I had written. The pages include some preliminary ideas and some roaming around about color. Go here to see the colors I plan on using. And also here. I can hardly believe that my thinking about this next project goes back at least as far as early July.

Near the end the written plans I was looking at, there is a section I have called Final Plans. This section includes such things as the length and the width, the yarns, the epi, warp and weft calculations. Also, I have stated most authoritatively that I will use the 4-shaft crackle threading I used for the cotton crackle jacket, and two of the treadlings.

Ahem. So much for so-called authoritative statements.

I will not be using that 4-shaft crackle threading. The new authoritative statement is that I will be using the 8 crackle blocks on 4 shafts threading that I am now using on the current sampling.

Now..........just how long will this particular statement remain "authoritative'?!?

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