Friday, November 2, 2007

Colors for Silk Crackle Warp

This is a picture of the colors I am thinking of using on the next silk crackle warp. On the left are two versions of the major color: blue. Then there is a series of neutrals which will make up the greatest area. And the last two colors are sparks that will be used much less frequently. Also, I want to work in a tiny bit of black.

The colors here come from the yarn wrappings I made from the dye samples. I have a screen capture program called Snag-It. I went to the photos of the yarn wrappings and used Snag-It to capture each of the colors I wanted. Each color I captured I pasted into a Word Perfect document. When I was done, I could manipulate each capture to get the size I wanted and arrange it on the page where I wanted. When I had them all lined up the way I wanted them and the size I wanted them, I used Snag-It to capture the group and saved it as a png file. It is that png file that is the picture at the top of the page.

The colors are relatively accurate. But what I like about the resulting montage is the lack of flatness in the colors. If I had simply pulled pure colors out of Paint Shop Pro and created a montage like that above, the colors might have been "prettier" but they would have lacked the interest that the yarns show.

I had fun doing this (maybe too much fun?!). I could play with the arrangement by changing the proportions. I could make copies of some of the colors and add them to the montage. I could create a picture of what I would like the entire width of the warp to look like. I could change the png file to a PaintShopPro file and play with it there. I could try some of the neat stuff that Karen Madigan has done. One example is here. But check elsewhere in her blog for other neat stuff she had done with computer software.

I am too easily seduced by the computer.

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Bonnie said...

Snag-it looks like something I could really use! I will have to be certain to not get this until after I get back. I can see how a person could get lost in snag-it and never be seen again:) I love your colors and how you've captured them.