Tuesday, November 6, 2007

End-of-Loom Weaving

What happened at the end of the warp is not an unusual occurrence. The bar had come over the back. As I was weaving I heard these funny dull snapping sounds when I pulled the beater towards the fell. And then the whole warp broke loose. What had happened was that one by one, the cotton string I had used to tie the warp rod to the back apron rod had broken. I weave at very high tension. That string was just not strong enough.

I could have just stopped weaving, but I had a bit more yarn left. So I thought I would fix it up and continue weaving. I got some heavier cotton cord and tied the two rods back together. But only in three places. One I tied in the middle and the other two on the ends. What then was revealed was that bad left side (as I sit on the bench), the 10-15 warp ends that were looser than the rest of the warp. They had plagued me for a bit at the beginning. Well, now they were really looser. So I tied some weights on them.

I continued to weave. I could still weave with fairly high tension, but a notch below what I had been weaving at. So I had to do a lot of strumming of the left side of the warp, to get the warp ends that were supposed to go down to actually go down. But it worked. And then...................

I didn't have very much weft yarn left. I called it a day.

On the next warp, I will use Leigh's trick of putting two rulers between the beater and the front beam. Then I have something to rest the front rods on while I lash the warp onto the front rod. I will also try something a bit different with the knot on the lashing cord on the left side. I wish me luck!

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