Wednesday, November 28, 2007


"Inspiration is found in the studio while you are working."

This is one reason I find it so important to weave every day. Weaving, by the way, does not mean just sitting at the loom. It also means things like warping, mending cloth, working on drafts. Most of my ideas come during these times. The remaining ideas generally come in the middle of the night. But without the actual weaving activities, they probably would not have come either.

Sometimes they come at fiber shows and art museums as well. A painting can just get me somehow and I dig out my notebook and pen from my purse and write frantically.

And this is why it is important always to have paper and pen/pencil at the ready. When my ideas come in the middle of the night, I can hold onto them till morning without writing them down. But if they come in the midst of weaving-related activities, or at galleries and art museums, the ideas are likely to be lost if not written down fairly quickly.

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Dorothy said...

I agree with the quote, but also inspiration can happen the moment you get up and walk away from the studio to do something else! It's like when you leave the house, you close the front door, walk down the path, get to the roadway and remember something. This happens to me a lot when I'm going out, also when designing.

I get to that point where I'm putting planning, thinking about what I'm doing out of my mind, back in its box you might say, and then something that needs attending to pops up in its place. I can walk away from my loom to do something else, get to the next room, and I turn back with the next creative development to attend to. (Or is just about avoiding housework?)

I really should take up your tip about the notebook and pen being ready to hand. It might lead to different kind of ideas getting into my work.