Wednesday, November 14, 2007

8 Crackle Blocks on 4 Shafts, Continued

Here is another drawdown view of the ascending crackle treadled with no binders. This time, however, I have reduced the size of the drawdown so that it resembles a bit more what the fabric might look like. What has happened, inadvertently, is the beginning of the crackle threading treadled as traditional crackle and not as Summer and Winter at all. But not totally. If you look back at the treadling in the earlier post, there are places where the treadling does alternate rather than repeat. So this is really a mixed-up treadling.

On this next drawdown, I have changed the treadling so that all treadles alternate. First, here is the reduced-size drawdown to give an idea of the fabric:

This is clearly a different beast! This is clearly the beginning of a summer and winter treadling.

And here is a blowup of the draft which shows just that:

I have rearranged the treadles within each treadling block, so that they always alternate.
For a true summer and winter treadling, however, each set of treadles would be alternated repeatedly until that particular block is squared (traditional) or for the desired length of the block (contemporary).

So, I have learned that I need to be careful in picking out the order of the treadles for treadling a threading as drawn in. I need to have decided whether I want a Summer and Winter treadling or a traditional crackle threading. Or perhaps I might just want to be inconsistent……….?

But treadled as traditional crackle or as summer and winter, that binder thread on the opposite shed is always needed.

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