Thursday, November 15, 2007

Weaving as Fine Art

I ran across a web site with woven pieces by Adela Akers What she weaves falls under the class of gallery art. Indeed, this excellent website showing some of her things is a gallery in Santa Fe. It is a gallery of crafts, but crafts which have been raised to a level competitive with fine art. And her work hangs in the prestigious Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC and in the Renwick Gallery in New York City. She is also Professor Emeritus of Tyler School of Art, Temple University, Philadelphia

No, she is not a tapestry weaver. She is a weaver. She does use some unusual materials: horsehair and metallic foil. To learn more about her, go here. And here

Yes, inside of me is the desire to move my weaving into gallery art. Randall Darwall, whose work I greatly admire, elevated the woven scarf into art. Don't miss his beautiful web site. I would like to transform my crackle weaving into something more..........

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Meg in Nelson said...

And in your opinion, Peg, what makes a piece of weaving deserving of being in a gallery? (Oh, goosebumps - this is one of my most and least favorite subjects to think about!

For that matter, what are we, or you, a weaver, a craftsperson, an artisan, an artist?