Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Digital Photography for Textiles

Recently I had the good luck to discover a site for helping art quilters take good digital pictures of their art quilts. The articles are written primarily by Holly Knott. Holly is an art quilter and photographer and has many other talents as well. Though art quilts are what are on her mind here, much of what she has to say is useful for any kind of textiles weavers might produce as well.

There are pieces on choosing digital cameras, how to set up lighting and how to photograph the quilts. Holly has also put on an interesting group of pictures she uses as examples of bad photography and how to prevent said bad photography. Go here ot start reading the essays.

Thanks for this tip to a participant on the dyers email list, Sarah Ann Smith. Sarah Ann has her own blog here.


Leigh said...

Thanks for the link Peg. Very useful! Sadly, I think my digital camera is dying.

Sarah Ann Smith said...

Thanks Peg for passing along the link and adding mine, too! Cheers, Sarah