Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I joined Complex Weavers sometime around 2003. Soon after that I started reading about their study groups.  As I was interested then in the possibilities of beading on the loom, the first group I tried was Beads and Interlacements.  After a year or so I realized that this was not for me.  Then I borrowed the notebooks from the Fine Threads group.  I got some good information from those notebooks but decided I really didn't want to belong to that group either.  Finally I tried the Crackle Study group.

A couple of weeks ago  I received an email from the Crackle Study group coordinator asking if I would submit a piece for the October Journal based on one of the samples I had submitted in 2006.  I checked to make sure I had all my paperwork as well as the materials from the sample exchange for that year.  I did, so I agreed I would do it.

Now I have started to write the piece.  The strangest thing is that I have virtually no memory of weaving either the samples or the scarf that followed the weaving of the samples.  I "knew" I had done this.  But I didn't even remember what the scarf looked like.  As luck would have it, the scarf was still in my possession.  And here it is.

crackle painted warp scarf view 2

It is an 8-shaft crackle done in 60/2 silk (with 120/2 silk for the tabby weft). I painted the warp yarns and dyed the weft yarns. The treadling is a kind of Summer-and-Winter treadling.

I am very glad I found the scarf.  The samples that I wove for the study group are very small and so only hint at what the whole looks like. Now I feel better about writing this piece.

To learn more about Complex Weavers, go here.

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Fiber Notes from Nicki said...

Thanks for reminding me that I too volunteered to write an article for the Complex Weavers Journal!

Taueret said...

I'm glad you found it, I'd hate to lose something that beautiful.

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous scarf, Peg. I hope it gave you a thrill to see it again! But isn't it funny how you can forget what you've woven?

Peg in South Carolina said...

You're welcome, Nicki. Thank you Taueret and Cally. And yes, it was a thrill to find it again, and I did like it, but there are clearly things I don't like, the same things I didn't like at the time.

Leigh said...

The scarf is absolutely gorgeous! That it is buried somewhere in your memory only points to how busy you've been!

I'm officially moving crackle closer to the top of my "to do" list. No guarantees as to when it will move into the "next" spot though. *grin*

I'm really looking forward to reading your piece!

Jane said...

Good morning, Miss Peg,

Still delving deep into the ancestors, I am, but came up for air, coffee and to catch up on your blog.

What a lovely scarf. The colors and your use of them are outstanding. With your writing ability, coupled with your excellent dyeing and weaving technique, that article will definitely be a hit.

Weave (and write) on!

Peg in South Carolina said...

You're right, Leigh, I have been busy! And I think I posted something once about things that are done are for me ancient history and forgotten. In any case, I am somebody who generally lives in the present moment. Jane, the piece is done and, together with draft and images has been sent in. Not even due till the 11th! Now to see what they want me to redo........

Anonymous said...

Hi Peg, I'm just going through the June Journal (in-between weaving and catching up with blogs) I love your project and I'm looking forward to reading your article in the next edition.
I'm also a member of CW's but I haven't joined in with any of the syudy groups yet, still lurking and waiting for the fairies to add an extra 6 hours to a day!
Happy weaving

Peg in South Carolina said...

Shirley, would you send those faeries my way when you see them?.....? Many thanks in advance......... (grin!)