Thursday, July 24, 2008


If you read my earlier post, Now What Do I Do? you will see that I have changed my mind!

weaving continues

I have decided not to interrupt those vertical red bands either with bands of blue or with reversing color blocks. I have decided to keep those red bands as a feature of the piece.

I plan to repeat the red band at least once more, possibly twice.

So the last group of questions I asked still have relevance (by return I mean returning to the block motif after having woven the swath of red across the warp):

  1. Should that return mirror what I did in the first part?
  2. Should that return be the same length as the first part?
  3. Should that return, instead of mirroring, continue the idea of the first part, that idea being gradual changing in size of the blocks?

My weaving already addresses the first and third question. I am not mirroring what I did in the first part but am continuing to change the size of the blocks gradually. As you can see from the edges, the blocks with the blue at the selvedges are getting shorter while the blocks with the red are getting longer.

As I see it now, this part will be longer than the first part. I'm thinking now half-again-as-long. This second part will be followed by another swath of red. The swath will be the same size as the first one. And the last part will be the shortest of the three block sections, perhaps half the length of the first part.

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Cherri said...

I love the piece. The colors play nicely. It's refreshing to check in and see what you are doing, because it seems like you always have something fun/interesting going.
Hope you are having a great summer.

Peg in South Carolina said...

Thank you, Cherri. I'm glad you enjoy the blog. Summer is fast disappearing, though we still have the dog days of August to get through in South Carolina......sob...

Leigh said...

I have to tell you Peg. You've got me thinking about art pieces. Especially with all the dye samples I'm ending up with in my current explorations.

Peg in South Carolina said...

Leigh, an art piece would be a wonderful way to use those samples.