Monday, July 7, 2008


A New Experience -- Sandra's Loom Blog
Fire and Sparks -- Sandra's Loom Blog
Flowers and Lace -- Susan
Contemporary Textiles - Voices in Three Strands (photos) -- Weaving a Life
Pointless Rambling - No Pictures -- Woven Thoughts
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Bonnie Innouye Revisited -- Unravelling
Expanded Multiple Tabby Weave Samples -- Leigh's Fiber Journal
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The Pick Up Stick in Dyemaking Cloth -- Curiousweaver
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Ebb Tide Exhibit -- Cyber Fiber Scriber
Sample Blanket Progress Report -- Dot's Fibre to Fabric

To see how Linda pixellated a photo and the colors she pulled out, go to her post here:
HWSDA -- Linda's Fiber Weblog

James Koehler is a tapestry weaver, and a wonderful one at that.  But reading to the end of the post will reveal some jewels of advice to all weavers, not just tapestry weavers.
A Day with James Koehler -- The Weaving Diva

It happens to non-weavers as well.
When Two Bloggers Write an Almost Identical Post -- Momgrind

This is not from a blog but from a twice-weekly email newsletter.  It is about painting;  but it is also about weaving.
The Zen of Art -- The Painters Keys

No, I haven't gone crazy.  The following post may be talking about computer technology but it is also talking about learning, practicing, growing in any profession or skill.. To whet your appetite for more, here is a quote: "....what matters is not experience per se but "effortful study," which entails continually tackling challenges that lie just beyond one's competence."  And just one more tease:  he thinks it is really important for those who are pursuing growth and skill to write a blog.............
The Ultimate Code Kata -- Coding Horror

For something shorter but very much to the point, read the section on the 4 keeper traits of productivity:
Critical Skill 10 -- Successful Blog

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Jane said...

Good morning, Miss Peg.

Just a note to let you know that I really enjoy your weekly blog/article list.

This morning, I had time with my coffee to read. The "Zen of Art" really was a great read -- and I chuckled at the same/similar blog post. There is an old Internet acronym from the days of the message boards and mail list forums: --GMTA (great minds think alike) that was shorthand for when someone posted something similar. I always feel as if I'm in good company when that happens.

The "Code Kata" also had some very excellent points. I can see why you chose it, as it would not take much to substitute 'weaving' to make the entire thing relevant to us.

It's also nice to be able to catch up on blogs that I may have missed during the week. You've become my weekly "Weaver's Digest." :)

Now -- what are *you* up to today?


Peg in South Carolina said...

Jane, thank you for such detailed comments. I appreciate the time you take when you write responses.