Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Washed and hard pressed. Still work to do.  To prepare it for hanging.


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I think it really looks great will you hang it verticle or horizontal? Were you ever able to see the brazilian weaver's blog with all of his wall hangings?

Leigh said...

Yes. Yes, that one's my favorite. Please give us a step-by-step of hanging preparations. I'm curious about that.

Peg in South Carolina said...

Deep End, I will hang it vertical. No, I never did see the blog.
Leigh, I am now procrastinating. That's a sure sign of how stupid I feel. I've bought some rods, some paint. The paint is the wrong color. Anyway, I will give details.........sometime.........

bspinner said...

Lovely!!!! Looking forward to seeing pictures of this hung. And like everyone else can't wait to see how you did hang it.

Peg in South Carolina said...

bspinner, thank you. As for the hanging, we shall see.

Jane said...

Good morning Miss Peg,

Gosh, you've made it so difficult to choose a favorite out of the triptych.

This one, has such subtle symmetry and a more delicate feel to me.

The first, brought to my mind a sunset on the water --very organic; the second, the glowing light from windows in a city --more architectural; this last one makes me think of the kind of organic architecture that one finds in honeycomb, or in the view of farmlands from an airplane, or the organic look of a handmade rope bridge.

The structure and symmetry are there, but they enhance the whole -- rather than being the whole.

Hmm.... I think I just spotted my favorite!



Peg in South Carolina said...

Jane, thank you. In the back of my mind is a plan to take the idea in the second more architectural one and play with it in another piece.