Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I felt a kindred spirit when I read Constance Rose's blog yesterday. She reached my weaving heart when she wrote this:

"...if I plan something out in too much detail, then there isn't a lot of room for serendipity. And I often like to change things as I go. This happens for me with weaving much of the time. I'll have one thing in mind when I'm designing the piece, then other things will come into play while I'm in the process, and I'll end up doing something else."

Go here to read the entire piece.


I know of another weaver whose weaving reflects this: Randall Darwall, whose web site is here. You can see a some of his weaving there. But for a really good photo of one of Darwall's scarves, go to Kindred Threads. Here you will find two photos. These reveal clearly the creative process involved in treadling. Looking at these photos shows how he has combined treadling and color to create an original piece. Here is the direct link to the post with the photos

I'm not wild about the pinks, but that's OK. And seeing those photos has suggested the possibility of my using pinks...........sparingly..........

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