Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Art Piece 2, weaving progresses


One thing this photo shows really clearly is the effect of the different colors of red in the warp has on the fabric.  Actually, however, this photo intensifies that effect because some of the reds are a bit brighter here than they are in reality.  The effect is more subtle in real life.  Still, the photo is instructive.


I am designing as I go.  Randall Darwall says that color speaks to color as one weaves.  Or at least that is what Valerie  said in her blog upon her return from the recent Penland workshop with Darwall.  But she said it much better than I. Go here to read about her experience and to see a plethora of wonderful photos.

But I think that other design elements as well speak to each other as one weaves.  In the case of this crackle piece, the design elements I am referring to are the various sized and shaped squares and rectangles formed by throwing yellow weft in different sheds for different lengths of weaving.

Since the piece will be only 14" long, the more I weave the more limited my choices become.  This is an interesting way to go.


I suppose that if I understood this crackle structure truly intimately I could do the designing off the loom.  But then weaving would be nothing but painting by numbers.  For me, that would be not much fun. Besides, for me at least, a computer drawdown just does not reveal the subtleties that real yarn crossing real yarn on the loom does.

Still, I will grow more competent in careful roughing out on paper and on the computer of what I would like to see happen as I continue to work.

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Jane said...

Good morning, Miss Peg,

The yellow certainly does add a different look and feel to this piece when compared to the last one.

To me, the previous piece had a more organic/nonlinear feel, while this one has a more geometric feel. The first brought to my mind a lake reflecting the last rays of a setting sun. This one conjurs up the feeling of lighted windows as viewed through the cool shadows of the night.

Both (again, only in my mind) give me a sense of the contrast between architecture -- the latter piece, and nature -- the former piece.

I understand that only the artist herself really knows the intent of the piece(s) but wanted to share with you the subjective experience of what your work evokes for me (which may change as your series continues).

Am really enjoying this series!

Weave on!

Peg in South Carolina said...

Jane, you are right on target. And the first is more "me" than the second. But I have been enjoying working on this more architectural piece. I am learning a great deal from it. The next piece will also be architectural but, I think, with a little more organic element to it. Perhaps what I am doing is creating a series of organic and architectural samples. Thanks for getting me thinking!

Leigh said...

This is coming along quite nicely. I agree with you about designing as you go. I love the inspiration I get from letting the colors "talk" to me.

neki desu said...

blogger is listing comments as no reply hence no address :(
Thanks fro your visit.
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neki desu

Peg in South Carolina said...

Neki, sorry, but I most have forgotten to tick the email follow-up. I do have Jun's book. It is very informative. Thanks!

Meg in Nelson said...

Eye-candy stuff, Peg!

Peg in South Carolina said...

Thanks, Meg!