Thursday, June 26, 2008


Is it my imagination or are the posts on weaving blogs really getting better and better?  For example, I try not to include more than one post per blogger, but I am finding it increasingly difficult to do that. 

Thoughts on this, anyone?


Top Ten Reasons You Need Another Loom Right Now -- The Straight of the Goods
Straight Draw Scarves -- The Open Shed
Marketing My Art -- Constance Rose Textile Designs
Raddling Again -- Curiousweaver
Wonderful Weaving Weekend --Pleasant & Delightful
Finishing -- Sharing the Fiber Fever
The Blue-green Rayon and Silk Scarves -- Geo's Textile Journal
Summer Challenge -- Cherri Hankins
Some Countermarche Nitty Gritty; Size, Sheds and Texsolv -- The Straight of the Goods
Fire Scarves Progressing -- Sandra's Loom Blog
My Method of Warping -- Thrums
Scrolls -- Weaverly
On the Other Hand -- Weaving Spirit
Back to Weaving -- Tien's blog
MTW Weaving Update (at Last) -- Leigh's Fiber Journal
One Job Down... -- Charleen's Fiberblog
Joy Weave -- Unravelling
Mama's Got a Brand New Bag -- Deep End of the Loom.

Fun for weavers (and dyers) from a knitting blog. Thanks to The Twisted Warp
 for the link.
I Love Kid Art -- JanKnit

This next post has a couple of excellent tips for anyone interested in weaving either warp or weft ikat:
Out of Alignment -- Magic of Light, Mystery of Shadows 


I couldn't resist giving a link to this gorgeous dyeing post.  Read at your own peril (you might be converted.......)
Silk Hankie Dyeing Day -- Constance Rose Textile Designs


Can we apply Nancy's ideas for inducing creativity to our weaving?
Turn Up the Volume on the Inner Voice -- Painting Blog

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Susan B. said...

Thank you, Peg, for this rich feast of postings. I'm making my way through the list and am in one moment awestruck and in another so inspired! This is so wonderful that you do this. Thanks!

Cherri said...

Thanks for the links. I visited a lot of them and really enjoyed them. I'll be back soon to finish up.

Taueret said...

I think the more weaving blogs there are, the better weaving blogs there will be...I agree that it's wonderful how much great stuff there is out there :-)

Peg in South Carolina said...

Thank you Susan and Cherri. And yes, Taueret, more weaving blogs result in better weaving blogs.