Monday, June 2, 2008


Aside from separating weaving from non-weaving blogs, I don't normally put these links in any order.  They usually just come where they come.  Today, however, the first two, I think, are the most interesting of all the reads.  So I would suggest, if you haven't already read them, do read them first.

This is a long essay deserving a careful read.  Every once in a while Sara comes up with a real gem, and this is one of them.
The Maze on the Way to Ping - Woven Thoughts

And this post  is a not-to-be missed photographic record of looms from around the world By sewing presses he really means looms.  The Portuguese to English translation can't handle weaving terms.
Atellier and Sewing Presses - Tecelagem Artesanal / Rodrigo Tecelão


Famous Last Words -  t'katch - the language of weaving
Deflected Warps, Four Shafts - Weaverly 
That Funny Raddle and a Bunch of Fives -     t'katch - the language of weaving
Calculating Sett - Leigh's Fiber Journal
Something Old, Something New, Something Indigo - Shuttlepilot
Parting Thoughts - TIF - A Moveable Feast
Studio Afternoon with Kobe Students -Weaving a Life
Passing It On - Thrums

Even if you might think you are "beyond" a regid heddle loom, read this post anyway!
Weaving Samples - Woven Flame


The following is from a tapestry blog.  Tommye Scanlin has put together her version of Archie Brennan's pipe loom.  If you are curious, take a look.
I'm Weaving Again......... - Works in Progress

More tapestry, but fascinating, especially since Niki plans on bringing in the possibilities a 4-shaft loom has to offer tapestry. Brick Wednesday - Week 1 - Cyber Fiber Scriber


The following is by an observer about the fine arts. Much in this essay is relevant to us weavers. Read both post and comments.  There are interesting things about our dark sides and art. 
Art and Happiness - The Painter's Keys

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