Monday, June 30, 2008


I decided to look at the page in Osterkamp that Leigh used for her formula.  Going there I discovered three formulas.  One of these is the one that Leigh used. 

I did the arithmetic with all three formulas.  And I multiplied each of those figures by 60% to 65% -- the percentage of maximum sett when weaving clothing or with woolen yarns. 

The final sett turns out to be somewhere between 5.58 and 6.04.  6 it will be, the same as my original calculations, as I said in Part I.


I thought of something, then, that made a difference in my feelings about using 6 as a sett for this yarn. Before I washed the plied yarn, it was really quite thin.  But when I washed it, the magic happens:  it blooms!   And when it blooms, it takes up space. The wpi of the unwashed plied yarn was 19.  Contrast this with the 13-14 wpi of the washed yarn.

I am not quite so worried anymore...........

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Leigh said...

I'm very interested in how this choice of sett will work out in the finished item. I just washed and dried those samples I did the sett calculations for. Shrinkage was a big factor as they are denser than I anticipated. I have to take photos and work on a blog about that next. I will definitely use the same formula again. Perhaps with enough experience, I will be better able to predict outcomes!

Peg in South Carolina said...

Yes, gathering experience is exactly what I am doing! I look forward to your blog entry.