Monday, June 9, 2008



art piece 2 begun

But not without some false starts.


There were a couple of false starts.  One false start involved trying to weave yellow on the outside blocks to create a side border.  This turned out to be clearly not worth it.  If I want to incorporate borders in a different color better to do it in the warp.


If I wanted the same color for borders for the entire warp, I would just wind those colors on as part of the regular warp. 

However, if I wanted different colors, I could use the last block on either side for supplemental warps.  In other words, I would wind the warp as usual, but it would be only for the main body of the warp;  it would not include the blocks on either side (or the parts of blocks, for that matter).  Once the loom was beamed on and tied on, I would then thread, sley and tie on the supplementary warps.  From these I would hang weights at the back of the loom and off I would go!

© 2008


Leigh said...

I love being able to get such good close-ups of your photos. The yellow promises to do some very interesting things in this piece!

Peg in South Carolina said...

Thanks, Leigh. i keep learning more how to use the camera.