Monday, July 14, 2008


The initial attempt at hemstitching is awful.  I do have more colorful language, but I will refrain.

bad hemstitcihng

And to punish myself still more, in case no one could really see how awful it it, here is a close up.

bad hemstitching, clioseup

Nothing like preserving one's disasters, though this is easier on my soul than ripping out almost the whole body of our son's Christmas sweater, right down to the ribbing. 

Perhaps I should check out my horoscope before proceeding further?  On either project?

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I know the feeling, I just ripped out my Oblique sweater to the ribbing for the 6th time. NOT FUN, but at least you won't make the same mistake twice and it can be chucked up to a learning experience.

Helga said...

should your hemstitching be at the beginning of the next piece? If so, it would be easier weaving two or three inches first and then doing the hemstitching.

Peg in South Carolina said...

Oh how I dislike "learning experiences........"!!!
Helga, that is how I always used to do the initial hemstitching. But I noticed on another blog (I forget which one), a very good weaving doing her hemstitching without the initial weaving. I did it on the last piece that way and was very happy with it. The problem with this was primarily the color. Using red for the hemstitching makes it visually way too important. And, if I wanted it that visually important, my technique would have to be absolutely perfect and worthy of such attention!