Thursday, July 3, 2008



Recently I posted on how easy it would be to design a simple twill for towels for my daughter.  Go here to read it. This is quickie photo of one of a set I designed and wove some years ago.  8/2 unmercerized cotton.  Shrunk a great deal.  Shows no sign of wear. Kitty is value added..........

towel 2005


Yes, each towel I treadled a bit differently and with different colors. But since the towels I am now planning to weave are for my daughter, I would like them to be just a little special.  Color-and-Weave had been my initial thought.


Crackle is what I am thinking about now.  Crackle treadled polychrome yields what is basically a twill fabric, and twill is what I would like. 

I've already come up with some treadling ideas:

1. Treadle with two colors, just alternating the colors, as I did in the sample on this blog post. Use different colors for each towel.

2. Treadle two colors, but use one color on two blocks for a while; then change to two different blocks; etc............

3. Treadle with three colors alternately as I did on the sample on this blog post.  A white warp with ecrus and creams could be quite lovely...........and quite unlike me!

So why not give it a shot?

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Taueret said...

ooh, I wonder if I will have a floor loom by the time Meg's towel swap comes round? You're getting me excited about towels after all.

Leigh said...

Kitty is very cute! Does three ideas mean three towels?

Peg in South Carolina said...

Taueret, I hope you get your floor loom soon!
Leigh, clever thinking. Yes. But, I am planning to weave a fourth towel for myself which will involve trying.........don't know yet, of course! Also, I am putting on enough warp to weave something on it for the Complex Weaver's crackle group. I haven't submitted anything for a long time because my loom has been too busy with other projects.