Monday, May 12, 2008


In an early April post, I mentioned that I wanted to use color-and-weave effects for a handspun shawl I plan to design. 

I also plan to use color-and-weave effects for some towels for my daughter.  She has looked longingly on two different visits at some old cotton dish towels I wove and has virtually begged for some. How can I deny her?!  Weaving dish towels would give me a chance to pretty much just throw the shuttle without having to do too much thinking about it.  Maybe I could even listen to music!


Color-and-weave is not a weave structure.  It is a particular way of using color no matter what the weave structure.

More specifically, color-and-weave means combining a particular color sequence in the warp yarns with the same or a different particular color sequence in the weft yarns. The result is a fabric where color creates designs, not stripes. Two colors are most frequently used, but one can design color and-weave-effects with three or more colors.



This first draft is a straight draw twill on four shafts.  It is threaded in two colors, alternating one by one. The treadling is a straight treadling.  And it too is treadled with two colors, alternating throw by throw.


Here is the same straight draw twill twith two colors alternating in the threading.  the treadling is also straight.  But now three shots of light weft alternate with one shot of dark weft.

 2.2.Twill 2







Here is yet another treadling variant.  Now one shot of white weft alternates with two shots of dark weft. 


Plain Weave 2

And of course this threading could be treadled as plain weave. The result is still another color-and-weave effect.


Here are three good books that I have which are devoted specifically to color-and-weave.

Ann Sutton, Color-and-Weave Design.   Go here for some interesting information on Ann Sutton.
Margaret B. Windeknecht, Color-and-Weave II
Margaret B. Windeknecht, The Pinwheel: An Exploration in Color-and-Weave Design


Also, Handwoven has a weaving project available on the internet about how to weave paper coasters using color-and-weave.  Go here to download it as a pdf file.


Dorothy said...

Peg, I think this is the first time I have read about colour and weave and really feel I understand what it is. For ages "colour and weave" was like a little motto I heard repeated but had no idea what it meant! I shall look for the books you recommend. Thank you!

Beryl said...

Very nice post. I enjoy your format with all of the drafts posted. Also, thanks for posting the links to other interesting blogs.

Peg in South Carolina said...

Dorothy, I'm so glad you found this helpful. And I just "knew" you'd start looking for those books--we both seem to be book addicts!
Beryl, thank you for your comments. I'm glad you like the links and also the posting of the drafts.

SpinningLizzy (Elizabeth) said...

Gosh, Dorothy above said everything I want to about the "colour and weave" explanation. Thanks for the post!

Peg in South Carolina said...

Elizabeth, you are very welcome!