Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Have I mentioned that I am using a temple?  That I am using a temple despite a statement in a post made in July of 2007?  A statement in which I explained that I do not normally use temples with narrow warps or with closely sett silk warps?   Go here to read that post and see some pictures of temples.

So what am I doing using a temple on a warp that is 7+ inches wide, is made up of fine silk, and is very closely sett?


I started weaving with a temple but at one point I decided to try weaving without one.  The sides did begin drawing in more than they did with the temple.  I wanted the absolute minimum draw-in because I did not want the blocks at the ends to be narrower than the rest of the blocks. I had, however,  added more units in those blocks to help compensate.

Also, because the warp is so closely spaced, it is difficult to beat the weft yarns in.   The temple, by stretching those ends out, helps me to beat them in.


If you click on the picture from an earlier post, however, you will see one reason many weavers don't like to use temples: the many little holes the teeth of temple leave in the selvedges.  These little holes are happening here because of the extreme tightness of the weave structure.   By the next day, however, the woven cloth has clearly relaxed because the holes are gone.   


So, as I wrote in another post on temples:

"A warning about my posts. I am always learning. What I say here today may well be different next year. I may have learned, for example, that my current skills (or lack of them) at winding on warps may have been leading me to use a temple as a crutch. I don't think so, but it's always possible." 

Go here to read the entire post.   

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callybooker said...

I hadn't realised this piece was only 7" wide; it seems to make such a large statement. I guess I've been enjoying the colours and missed the technical details! The fact that it is such fine thread means, I suppose, that it is equivalent to a larger-scale piece in miniature. I have never used a temple, so it is interesting to read how you get on with it.

Peg in South Carolina said...

I guess this is a case of photos can be deceiving. A wall is to the back of me as I sit at the loom so I don't have space to get a good view of it with the whole loom. That would give a better sense of proportion. Part of the reason, too, that it seems to make such a large statement is the choice of colors---rather assertive, I would say. I'll have to think about your referring to it as a larger-scale piece in miniature. I think that is a valid statement but only to a point.

Leigh said...

I have two temples which I've never used. I think mostly because they are too wide for my samples.

I would think that wet finishing would help with the holes too(????)

Peg in South Carolina said...

Leigh, yes, wet finishing would also help. Anything that will help those yarns relax a bit. In the case of this silk, apparently just leaving it at reduced tension overnight does the trick.