Saturday, May 3, 2008


Here are some recent blog posts I particularly enjoyed.

Perceived Value -- Constance Rose Textile Designs
Lace Shawl -- Fun with Fiber
How to Avoid Carpal Tunnel -- A Movable Feast
Silk Yarn - What Every Weaver Should Know-- Dot's Fibre to Fabric
Rethreading, Take Two -- Centerweave
The Readiness is All -- Weaverly
Failure at its Finest -- Deep End of the Loom
The Pleasures of Threading -- T'katch: The Language of Weaving
A Tale of Two Scarves -- Thrums
This Book Makes me Thirsty -- Unravelling 
Saori Weaving Founder Turns 95 -- Weaving a Life
Association of Latvian Textile Artists -- Textile Arts Resource Guide
     The works shown here are a mix of tapestries, batiks, and fabric painting. All are interesting to look at, even for a weaver.  There is one particularly interesting weaver, however:  Dzintra Vilks.  Don't miss her stuff.

 Don't Fact Check the Soul --  Measure for Measure
   This is a blog which appeared in The New York Times.   It is a post by Rosanne Cash on song-writing.  Much of what she says applies to artists in general, including weavers.

Ten Life Lessons for Reinventing Yourself  -- Liz Strauss at Successful Blog
   This post is a from a blog for bloggers.  The post has much to say to weavers as well.

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