Thursday, May 1, 2008


Recently I listened to another Weavecast podcast.  The session on tapestry with Sara Swett.  Listening to it got me interested in tapestry again.

To see some of Sara Swett's beautiful work, go to her website.


One of the ideas that really intrigued me was the notion of a wool warp instead of a cotton or linen warp. According to Sara, if  both warp and weft are wool, they can bind and meld together in the finishing/washing process.


Tapestry Rug

Wool wefts can slip and slide along a cotton or linen warp.  I know this for a fact because I wove a tapestry wool rug --  on a linen warp.  I have to be very careful in vacuuming it for the wool yarns can slide along the warp and leave gaps.  I had assumed this was due to my inadequate beating.   That may be true.  But now I now it also has to do with the fibers.


So I thought a bit about taking up tapestry again. Using finer yarns than rug yarns.  Using wool warps. No weft interlocks, as I had done with the rug. Start slow.  Start with squares.  

I did try this a few years ago. But I insisted  on many different colors and all different size squares.  The result was that I could not focus on technique.  And that is what I needed to focus on.  I was running ahead of myself.


With these thoughts in my head I ordered a revised edition of a tapestry book i own:  Carol K. Russell's Tapestry Handbook: The Next Generation.   I really wanted to try tapestry again,  though I have no time in the world.  I could give up blogging.

The book arrived. It is a beautiful book, much more beautiful than the first edition.  But I came to my senses.  I am not going to give up blogging..........

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Leigh said...

More blog tweaks! What a great photo, so nice to put a face to a name. Tapestry is something I've never tried on a large scale, but that is an interesting idea about using wool warp. I can see how it would make a more stable end product. Your rug is lovely so I can see why you'd be tempted to try again. Maybe you do like I do, just keep a running list of "someday" projects.


That's a pretty rug.

Peg in South Carolina said...

Deep End of the Loom---thank you!