Monday, May 5, 2008


Having lashed on the warp and gotten it evenly tension, I proceeded to throw the shots necessary to align the warp ends evenly. 

More problems.

Two sets of crossed warped ends.  These were easy to correct.  I was able to cut the ends off close to the knots.  Then I resleyed the ends in the correct dents so that they no longer crossed. 

Next I tied on an extra length of warp to the two ends and, in each case, tied it onto the lashing cord.

The next problem was more serious.

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Susan said...

Hi Peg,
Thanks for stopping by my web blog. I see we are trying to do something similar, though your's seems more professional than my ramblings!

I have you bookkmarked and will stop in frequently to read up!

On a personal note: my daughter lives in Mocksville, NC. We may just end up coming out to that part of the world in time.