Thursday, May 8, 2008



I learned a while ago that I can save the weaving drafts I create with my weaving software as JPEG'S.  That is useful information with this blog.  It means I can easily save and upload weaving drafts to the blog.


But I figured out something equally  screemsjpt of color and weave folder important.   I can save them to a folder in "My Pictures". My operating system is  Windows XP. When I click on the folder, it shows a normal view of one of the JPEG's in that folder.  And at the bottom of the screen are thumbnails of the rest of the JPEG's in that folder.  If I want to see any one of the thumbnails full size, I simply click on it.  Or else I click on one of the arrows beneath the normal view. This is an absolutely wonderful system.


In the weaving program I use, PixeLoom, I can save my drafts as JPEG's.  However, I prefer using a piece of software called Snag-It.  It is available here. With this program I can choose just how much of the draft I want to save as a JPEG.   I can create titles for the JPEG.  All sorts of things.   And I use it for capturing web site information as well.

In any case, if I am hunting for a draft, or if I want to see a group of them together, it is much easier to save the drafts as JPEG's into a folder in My Pictures and view them there, than it is to look at them individually in my weaving program.

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Dorothy said...

I love having the little views of pictures, the same facility exists under my Linux O/S, however, I haven't heard of Snag-It before, sounds very useful.

You may have already worked this out, but as you fill up that "My Pictures" folder you will find sub-folders useful, you can only look at a certain number of little pics at one time! e.g. separate folders for twills, crackle, or maybe by month, so you can see the development of ideas.

Jane said...

Hi Peg!

I use Pixeloom too -- and love it, and the great personalized attention from it's designer. And I use Snagit, too. Hey! Great minds think alike :-) For the past year, I have edited our guild's newsletter and have found both programs invaluable for putting our monthly samples and .wifs in the newsletter in addition to designwork.

Happy weaving! PS -- I'm still working on setting up a feed for my blog -- I never recieved the auth note from bloglines, so will try again for certain.


Peg in South Carolina said...

Hi Dorothy,
Yes, I know the value of subfolders and as I start adding more drafts I will definitely create them.

Good to hear that you are trying to set up a feed, Jane.