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Color-and-weave twill 3 colors.a

Color-and-weave twill 3 colors







Here are two examples of four-shaft straight draw twill, treadled straight.   This time, however, three colors are used. Each of the draft has a different color order.   And each of the drafts follows the color order of the threading in the treadling.

The left draft looks remarkably like the classic hounds tooth check.


Notice how with color-and-weave that you can get larger designs than you might think possible, even with a four shaft loom.


Instead of two or three colors, yarns with two or three different textures can be used.

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Dorothy said...

Hi Peg, I'm reading and learning! Thank you. I didn't realise colour could be used like this to extend the pattern repeat.

Jane said...

Isn't it cool all the beautiful things that can be created with just 4 shafts (or less)?

All my looms are 8 shafts, and it will take me my entire life to explore all of the possibilities from 2 shafts to 8. I'm very content with that.

Many of my friends have 16+ shafts and do some fabulous work on those looms -- but I don't feel as if I will ever run out of wonderful things to create on my 8.

Loved this post, you are always so informative.

Happy weaving,

Peg in South Carolina said...

Dorothy, I'm glad my posts are helping your learning process.
Jane, I agree with you about shafts. I have eight and my occasional bouts of shaft envy are only temporary. Thank you for the compliment.

Susan said...

I must admit that my impressions of 4 shaft weaving was developed as I thumbed through Davison's 4 shaft weaving book. My mentors always said... get an 8 shaft loom, it's far better for pattern!

Well, I bought the new Anne Dixon book on 4 shaft weaving (Interweave Press) shortly after I acquired a 4 shaft counterbalance that's 60+ years old and what an eye opener!! It's a marvelous new look at old patterns, with lots of color and play on the treadling. There is a great discussion on colour and weave effects. I would suggest that this book is a must for new weavers or jaded veterans. More shafts isn't necessarily needed to get lovely pattern.

Peg in South Carolina said...

Susan, I started out with a 4-shaft CB. Ironically, now that I have an 8-shaft loom, my current weaving explorations are on 4 shafts! Go figure.

Leigh said...

Ha! I'm on four shafts lately too. I like your idea of doing the drafts in black and white. It really shows off the color pattern very well, without the distraction of the color. (That doesn't sound like it makes much sense, but I know what I mean :)

Peg in South Carolina said...

Leigh, you make perfect sense! That is exactly why I use the black and white.