Monday, May 26, 2008


I notice that that Nicki, aka The Weaving Diva, has taken up the American Tapestry Alliance's challenge to weave a small tapestry. The maximum size allowed is 100 square inches.  That is indeed small.

So I can understand Nicki's reluctance to enter.  Go here to read about her hesitancy and her beginnings.

In this first post she includes part of ATA's statement about the requirements.  Here is a brief excerpt: 

"...the goal is not merely to rescale large work, but to explore the boundaries of size"

And go here to read about her progress. And a statement of what she hopes to do I find of particular interest in that post:

"I am hoping for a piece that will draw you in from afar and keep you interested when up close. I know it would work on a big piece. This may, however, be difficult to achieve due to the small format involved but it should be fun to try."


Both these statements speak to what I am trying to do, even though I am not creating tapestry. 

  1. I want to create pieces that are small, not simply shrunken versions of larger pieces.
  2. I want to create pieces that are exciting to look at both from a distance and close up.

HGA has a similar challenge for its Convergence exhibit called Small Expressions 2008. HGA's intention here is

" showcase fiber art of a small scale not to exceed 15 inches (38 cm) in any direction."

My work is clearly falling into that scale.  Perhaps at some point I may create a piece to submit.  But not to the 2008 Convergence!  Something to work towards, perhaps?


Leigh said...

These sound like really good goals. I like the idea of something small besides a sample. I'd like to see you work on these.

Peg in South Carolina said...

Hi Leigh, sometimes goals are not all that useful, but sometimes they can be very useful. I think this may be a useful one.