Tuesday, July 8, 2008


8/2 unmercerized cotton was my original choice for our daughter's dishtowels. I was happily looking at colors when I saw that 16/2 unmercerized cotton was available in a few places. I do have this penchant for finer yarns.......... So 16/2 unmercerized it was to be.

I began tackling other issues, like the number of towels I wanted to weave, their size, the number of blocks and sizes of the blocks.

Then I got out one of the towels I had woven for myself. Here is a photo of one of them.

towel 2 2005

These were the towels our daughter liked. Would she like dish towels woven in 16/2 instead of this 8/2? And then I asked it: would I like dish towels woven in 16/2?

The towels I wove are just soft enough and just thick enough to be really nice and absorbent for drying dishes, or to lay dishes on to dry. I wanted to weave the 16/2. But the practical towels that would wear like iron, the towels my daughter liked, were woven in 8/2.

So, 8/2 unmercerized cotton it is going to be. Back to the drawing board to work out the figures for that.

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Susan said...

I normally use 2/8 as well and did with the last towel warp. But I used 2/16's as weft on a few of them and it gave me the best of both. Absorbant but not overly thick.

Food for thought!
Duncan, BC.