Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I let the image of the started piece and the ideas about what to do next (go here to read about that) simmer overnight.  By the time I got to the loom today I decided that I wanted a narrow red band followed by the block motif, but reversing the blues and the reds.  So I wove the red band.

Now What 

I liked it.  But I didn't know what to do next.  I was no longer sure about the plan.

But now that I see it on the computer screen I know what I want to happen.  I want those two long vertical bands of red broken up.  Not forever.  Just for a short time.  There are two ways I could accomplish this.

  1. I could now weave a band using different blues, no reds.
  2. I could weave the blocks but reverse the colors.  That would put blues where the reds were and reds where the blues were. As in #1, the vertical red bands would be interrupted.

Here is another possibility.

  1. Weave a narrow band of all blues.
  2. Follow this with perhaps three blocks with the colors reversed from what they were at the beginning.
  3. Then weave a second narrow band of all blues.
  4. Weave a band if reds
  5. Finish by returning to the original theme.

This idea is growing on me a bit.  But there are questions about the return to the original theme.

  1. Should that return mirror what I did in the first part?
  2. Should that return be the same length as the first part?
  3. Should that return, instead of mirroring, continue the idea of the first part, that idea being gradual changing in size of the blocks?

Then there is a question of how long should the middle section be and how many, if any, repeats.

I think I need to sleep on this.

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Leigh said...

It's amazing how putting something on the computer screen puts it into perspective. I suppose what you end up doing partly depends upon how you want to display the piece. I really, really like how this one is looking so far and am very interested in how you decide to proceed.

Peg in South Carolina said...

Yes, Leigh, that was something I had not anticipated. I had no idea just how much I was going to love my digital camera!

Jane said...

Total agreement from this little corner! The camera really can allow us to 'zoom' in on things.

In the past, I used to hold things up to a mirror, as for some unexplainable reason, the mirror image would reveal flaws, etc.

"Now what do [you] do?" is certainly the question. This piece has so many possiblities.

Right now, it has a very Oriental feel to me -- like the folds in a fan or a paper lantern. Love it!!

Jane <--- who is still not weaving this week . . .

Peg in South Carolina said...

Thank you Jane.