Friday, April 18, 2008


I groaned a bit when I realized that the skeins were going to be too small to fit on my Goko skeiner. That meant I was going to have to use my LeClerc skein winder.

Expecting the worst, I set the skein winder up. I made the arms small enough so that the skein would fit on it. Then I stretched out the arms as far as they would go and tightened the thing.

I did not want to use this skein winder as an unskeiner because it does not move around nearly as easily as the Goko. I was worried.

I wound the first skein off to a cone. Much to my surprise, it did not go badly. The first few minutes were filled with stopping to untangle twists. But once those initial spots were over, winding went not nearly as badly as I feared.

The first cone had only 100 yards. I did a couple more small skeins. Then I did a larger one. That was a bit more troublesome, but it really went quite well.

When I was investigating organzine, one of the things that I learned is that organzine is very strong. Thus it is recommended for warp. That is probably why the LeClerc skein winder worked alright as an unskeiner. It could tolerate the tension that the skein winder created every time it tightened up to unsnag a twisted yarn. Yes, most of the time I did not have to stop to untangle. The tension on the yarn, especially if I was turning the skein winder fairly quickly, was enough to snap it out of the tangle.

To tell the truth, however, I have not yet done that badly snarled skein of yarn.........

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Leigh said...

Glad I can just sit back and "watch" on this one :) I forgot to mention earlier, that I think your "related posts" links are a great idea.