Monday, April 14, 2008


Well, actually, slightly over halfway done. But only slightly.


At the top of the loom you can see the narrow cork boards I mentioned on another post. I have attached the printed-out threading to it. The threading goes for two pages. But I arrange the page so that no more that two rows are visible at a time. I prefer having only one row visible. Then my eye isn't likely to wander to the wrong row.


I have discovered, sadly, that if I try to sit long enough to thread two different blocks, I am likely to make errors when I work on the second block. It seems it is difficult for my head to let go of the first sequence of heddles I had been threading. I either want to repeat that first sequence, or else, I want to thread some kind of compromise sequence.

I always seem to catch myself when I make this kind of error. But I certainly know I will definitely not try to thread a third block, with yet a difference sequence of heddles, without taking a break.


It is not hard to spread out periods of threading. I still have plenty of dye work and yarn preparation to do and it is easy to fit threading times in between those activities. If all works out right, I shall be ready to weave at roughly the same time as the dyeing and yarn preparations are all finished.

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